Jetpack flies through London skies, and you too could have one within three years

By 2019, travel by jetpack could become a reality for the general population. What would that look like in London? On Wednesday, the capital got a sight of future flight with a seriously cool demonstration at Royal Victoria Dock. Australian David Mayman piloted a turbine jet engine-powered JB-10 jetpack at a height of 30m for 4 minutes over east London.   The former commercial pilot hopes to raise the funds to develop a turbine-powered jetpack

Facebook just made Oculus Rift way more affordable

Virtual reality will soon be a lot more affordable. Oculus will be compatible with lower-end PCs, including an upcoming $499 laptop, the company’s CEO Brendan Iribe announced Thursday during the Oculus Connect conference in San Jose. Oculus introduced a new set of minimum specs required to run its Rift headset, making it compatible with much cheaper PCs than before. View image on Twitter The first of these will be a $499 AMD-powered PC from CyberPowerPC.

Apple’s Tim Cook says augmented reality, not VR, is the future

Apple’s famous veil of secrecy was pierced on Friday during a rare interview with the company’s CEO, Tim Cook. The topic: augmented reality. The comments from Cook were delivered during an interview session at Sen. Orrin Hatch’s Utah Tech Tour in Salt Lake City. Although Cook didn’t reveal any specifics about upcoming Apple products, it’s now even more obvious what the company is working to bring to the masses, and it’s probably not, as some rumors

The hilarious Messages app Apple doesn’t want you to have

The hilarious Messages app Apple doesn’t want you to have You soon won’t be able to get one of the cleverest Messages apps. While Apple’s new apps for Messages (formerly known as iMessage) are one of the best parts of iOS 10, there’s at least one new app Apple is not happy about and it will likely soon disappear from the App Store. Phoneys, created by developer Adam Howell, is actually rather ingenious. It comes

Google Wifi makes setting up home networks a breeze

At its big hardware event Tuesday, Google launched Google Wifi, a home router which connects to other Google Wifi routers to create a mesh network. The system is expandable and modular; you can simply add more devices to expand Wi-Fi coverage in your home. Google calls the device “visually subtle,” and that it is: it’s a white, circular gadget with a Google logo on top, a silver stripe around it, and that’s pretty much it.

Google Pixel phones come with unlimited Google Photos storage

Google Pixel phones come with unlimited Google Photos storage So Google just announced its new Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. On paper, they look like they tick off all the boxes, but why should anyone consider them over an iPhone 7 or a Galaxy S7? Two words: Google Photos. The phones will come with unlimited photo and video storage at full resolution. Anyone can download and install Google Photos on their iOS or Android phone.