Apple shows test facility

Apple test has already defended the strength of the iPhone 6 Plus against charges that it bends too easily (the so-called “BendGate”). Now, less than 24 hours later, the company is continuing its publicity offensive with a first-ever look at the labs where it stress-tests its smartphones. Earlier on Thursday, the company detailed just how many customers have complained about the bendable iPhone issue, and placed an emphasis on the testing process: We also perform

Ello Facebook

Ello, the independent, invitation-only and ad-free social network that went viral almost overnight, is often compared to Facebook. Indeed, the still-nascent social network has already gained a reputation as the “anti-Facebook.” But Ello cofounder Paul Budnitz doesn’t put much stock in those comparisons — in part because he thinks Facebook’s users have become so commoditized that the platform stopped being a true social network long ago. “The advertisers are the customer and the user is

Apple on BendGate: A Bend in an iPhone Is Extremely Rare

  Apple is finally taking a stand on BendGate and as you might expect it’s looking to douse the fire with some cold, hard and illuminating facts. The controversy over whether or not Apple’s new iPhone 6 phablet was prone to bending inside people’s pockets was sparked first by some reports on social media and then by the now uber-famous “iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test” video posted by Unbox Therapy, which now has over 23 million

Apple Apologizes for iOS 8.0.1 Fiasco, Offers a Workaround

  A day after its iOS 8.0.1 update started messing with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners’ cellular service and Touch ID functionality, Apple has published an official statement on the issue. “We apologize for the great inconvenience experienced by users, and are working around the clock to prepare iOS 8.0.2 with a fix for the issue, and will release it as soon as it is ready in the next few days.” a company spokesperson


Apple is still very interested in your TV set. Just days after Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus phablet and revealed the Apple Watch, the company’s first new product category entry in years, he’s back on TV talking about Apple’s continuing interest in yet another key consumer category: televisions. In a conversation with TV host Charlie Rose, which will air tonight on PBS, Cook said “TV is [a category] we

WikiLeaks Exposes Controversial ‘FinFisher’ Surveillance Tech

IMAGE: JOHN STILLWELL, POOL/ASSOCIATED PRESS WikiLeaks published a batch of documents and files pertaining to the controversial surveillance technology company FinFisher on Monday, including a list of its customers and actual copies of its spyware. The release, the fourth one in the WikiLeaks series dubbed Spy Files, is made mostly of files that were leaked by an unidentified hacker who breached FinFisher’s corporate network in August. FinFisher is a German company that makes surveillance software