For $260,000, a 105-Inch Samsung TV Can Bend Before Your Eyes


BERLIN — Samsung‘s new 105-inch UHD TV can go from flat to curved in just a few seconds.

The company has its super-sized curved, bendable TV on display at the IFA tech conference here, and it’s stunning. While curved, bendable TVs aren’t new anymore, watching one of this magnitude transform before your eyes is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

A Samsung representative said the prototype is still a few years away from making a debut, but could cost as much as 200,000 euros (or $260,000). It’s uncertain, of course, if that will be the official price tag. Considering Samsung’s 85-inch non-bendable version sells for $120,000, we wouldn’t be surprised if this one indeed nears the $250,000 mark.

Samsung Bendable TV

Samsung’s 105-inch UHD TV is curved and bends.


By looking at markers highlighted on the base of the display, you can see just how much it can bend. Users will be able to push a button via a remote to adjust and pick the curved angle you like best.

Although details on the prototype are slim, the rep also said the TV can scale non-UHD movies and bring a sharper image to the screen, regardless of film quality.

Samsung Benadable TV

Samsung’s 105-inch UHD TV can go from flat to curved in just a few seconds.


Let’s go back to the price tag for a minute: Why would you ever drop so much on a bendable, curved screen? The experience is as immersive as it comes, completely engulfing you. But not everyone wants a curved TV, and if you’re not centered in front of it (or if a few people are crowded around to watch a movie), the view might be off for some. In those cases, you’d revert it back to the flat mode.

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