Suspected drunk pilot escorted off plane moments before flight

Suspected drunk pilot was escorted from the cockpit of a plane and arrested on suspicion of being over the drink-drive limit on Wednesday. The plane, headed for London’s Gatwick airport, was moments from taking off from Newquay in South West England. The pilot was removed from the aircraft so that he could undergo a breath test after a fellow crew member alerted the police, according to the BBC.Passengers were told the pilot was unwell. A police

Mercedes online ads viewed more by fraudster robots than humans

  Part of a recent Mercedes-Benz online advertising campaign was viewed more often by automated computer programmes than by human beings, according to documents seen by the Financial Times. The ads were inadvertently placed on to fraudulent websites by Rocket Fuel, a Nasdaq-listed ad technology company that went public last September with a market capitalisation of nearly $1bn. The incident will intensify concerns about the prevalence of fraud in the fast-growing online advertising market, which

Tim Cook Talks Apple Pay Pushback, Alibaba Deal, Death of iPod Classic

IMAGE: BRYNN ANDERSON/ASSOCIATED PRESS LAGUNA BEACH — Apple CEO Tim Cook gave an unusually candid interview Monday night — in which he struck back at companies leaving the Apple Pay system, teased a possible partnership with Alibaba, and revealed why Apple killed the iPod Classic. Speaking at the WSJ.D conference in Laguna Beach, California, Cook called Apple Pay a tremendous success even in its first week, and revealed that there had been 1 million credit

Hackers Are Exploiting Microsoft PowerPoint to Hijack Computers

Hackers are exploiting a security flaw in Microsoft Office by using PowerPoint to attack Windows users and gain control of computer systems. Microsoft, in a security advisory on its website, says there have been “limited, targeted attacks” against users through Microsoft PowerPoint. An attacker who successfully exploits the security flaw could gain complete control of the system. With that sort of control, hackers could execute code remotely, alter or delete data and install harmful programs,

Ebola In Europe Unavoidable: WHO

MADRID/LONDON, Oct 7 (Reuters) – The World Health Organization said on Tuesday that Europe would almost certainly see more cases of Ebola after a nurse in Spain became the first person known to have caught the virus outside Africa. With concerns growing globally that Ebola could spread beyond West Africa, where it has already killed more than 3,400 people in the worst outbreak in history, Spanish officials tried to reassure the public that they were

Apple Pay, iOS 8.1 Release Date Revealed

If you live in the United-States you won’t have to wait much longer for Apple Pay, if a new report holds true. In fact, it might even arrive in time to help you pay for your Halloween costume. The mobile payment platform is slated to release as part of Apple’s iOS 8.1 update on Oct. 20, according to banking blog Bank Innovation. Apple Pay uses NFC (near-field communication) technology. Owners of the iPhone 6 and iPhone

Microsofts Big Day: How Windows 10 Works

Microsofts introduction of Windows 10, the followup to the unsuccessful Windows 8, at an event in San Francisco on Tuesday. There was no live stream of the presentation at the time, but now you can watch the entire demo in the video above. Some wondered why Microsoft skipped Windows 9 and went straight to 10, but perhaps this was an attempt to distance itself from Windows 8, which was largely ignored by businesses. Many praised the