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StormYachts – StormYachts was established in 2010 by Rob van Kesteren and Corné Knippels, two Dutchmen with long experience in boatbuilding and maintenance acquired on over a hundred luxury yachts. They are in the fortunate position Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 10.16.30to be able to build motoryachts from a financially independent foundation and this is the principle behind everything they think and do. Not being distracted by sales pressure or unrealistic marketing goals, StormYachts has complete freedom to go off the beaten path and focus on its clients. Van Kesteren and Knippels have also retained full control of every aspect of development, construction and marketing.

Corné Knippels

Corné has been active in the luxury yacht building sector since 2000, as a Co-owner of an established and well-known Dutch yacht builder. Under his guidance, this local player developed into a leading yard with an international network that delivered up to ten yachts a year. Corné was responsible for the development and sale of more than 100 new yachts over his active years at this yard. He also sold nearly as many pre-owned boats, many of which first had a refit under his supervision.

Corné is respected for his engineering insight, technical knowledge, broad experience in maintenance and the fact that he sails onboard every yacht (new or pre-owned) he delivers. His broad expertise, gathered from over a decade of boat-building practice, is meticulously applied during the design trajectory and building process. All Storm owners are therefore assured of safety and comfort, whether in the marina or at sea, at anchor or in more extreme weather conditions.

Rob van Kesteren

Rob was commercially active in the IT sector from 1975. The IT business he started in 1993 grew into a renowned supplier of voice/data solutions employing 120 people. After selling this firm in 2001, Rob remained active as a coach, entrepreneur and investor. His involvement in the yacht building industry began in 2005 and for the next six years he co-owned an Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 10.16.47aluminium yacht yard in Oss (NL) where he was responsible for marketing and sales. Rob still had time to initiate the Storm project in September 2009.

Today he offers StormYachts all his experience and knowledge of building businesses in accordance with the Agile Company concept. This results in a flexible and responsive organisation that has all core competences in-house while teaming up with a select group of building partners. Rob is responsible for the positioning and marketing of StormYachts, while maintaining a strong focus on sharing the distinctive character of the company and its exciting product range.

StormYachts offers her clients three clearly identifiable benefits, namely

  1. Optimal efficiency resulting in a fuel consumption of just one litre per hour at eight knots.
  2. The highest level of comfort thanks to the round-bilged hull and special bow shape.
  3. A combination of both benefits over a speed range from between 8 and 24 knots.

StormYachts only brings yachts on to the market that will stand out from the existing offer for a long time to come. As well as featuring a genuinely eye-catching design, this also requires ensuring that efficiency and comfort are major focal points from the start of the development stage. These aspects play a vital role in ensuring a superior sailing performance and a degree of distinction that stands the test of time.Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 10.17.04

The newly developed and innovative FDHF hull by Van Oossanen Naval Architects has been proven in practice to provide a remarkable performance and makes a major contribution to our proposition.

[quote]“Our careers made us passionate about yachts and even more passionate about the lack of substance in the motoryacht sector,”[/quote]

[quote]“We don’t believe that every owner in the 15 to 30-metre range is content to cruise on motoryachts that all look so similar. This is why we decided to bring onto the market a design that people would either love or hate”.[/quote]

[quote]“If you want something similar you won’t find it because a Storm yacht is beyond the mainstream. Our role is to give people the reasons they need to justify the decision to follow their heart. In other words, we are not selling yachts but helping people to buy one.”[/quote]

The StormYachts motto is ‘RED’: Remarkable – Efficient – Dutch – It stands for both the yachts we build and the way we are organised. Storm products are developed according to this philosophy and our yard functions in this way too, ensuring that costs are kept low and the focus is on creating special boats.

RED also applies to the unique way that the company is run by its founders Rob van Kesteren and Corné Knippels. Together they have rich experience of boatbuilding and maintenance acquired on over 100 luxury yachts. They set up StormYachts to share their vision on how motoryachts should look with owners seeking something outside the box.

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