Google Wifi makes setting up home networks a breeze


At its big hardware event Tuesday, Google launched Google Wifi, a home router which connects to other Google Wifi routers to create a mesh network.

The system is expandable and modular; you can simply add more devices to expand Wi-Fi coverage in your home.

Google calls the device “visually subtle,” and that it is: it’s a white, circular gadget with a Google logo on top, a silver stripe around it, and that’s pretty much it.

But doesn’t Google already have a home router, the OnHub? Yes, it does, but even though it’s pretty smart, the new, Google Wifi router’s mesh capabilities make it a better option for larger home networks, where spotty coverage is an issue (Google says three Google Wifi routers should be enough for a home that’s 3,000 – 4,500 square feet large).

The device comes with some additional options that make setting up a home network easier. Network Assist is software built into Google Wifi that always provides the “best possible speed” and it will offer suggestions on how to optimize performance.

Users will be able to control their entire home network via a mobile app, which will let them share Wi-Fi passwords and see which devices are online, among other features.

Google Wifi will be available for pre-order in November, and it will ship in early December.

The price for a single Google Wifi device is $129, but you can also buy three in a pack for $299.

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