Here’s how much Snapchat’s glasses will cost

Here’s how much Snapchat’s glasses will cost – After months of rumors, we now know the Snapchat glasses are real. The company has officially introduced Spectacles, its Snapchat-connected wearable, that is set to go on sale later this year. The good news for Snapchat fans, though, is that the glasses will be surprisingly affordable. Snap Inc., the Snapchat-maker’s new name, hasn’t said exactly when Spectacles will go on sale but we know they will be priced

Perfectly Preserved Nazi Time Capsule Unearthed In Poland

Perfectly Preserved Nazi Time Capsule Unearthed In Poland – A dark chapter in history was reopened in Poland last week when archeologists uncovered a Nazi time capsule containing perfectly preserved mementos of Adolf Hitler. The time capsule was buried in 1934 under Ordensburg Krössinsee, which at the time was a Nazi training academy, The Independent reported. It was found in the city of Zlocieniec, which was known as Falkenburg when it was part of Germany prior to

WhatsApp now allows you to ping someone even through a muted group chat

WhatsApp now allows you to ping someone even through a muted group chat – Need to get someone’s attention in a crowded WhatsApp group chat? Now you can @ them. Tagging your friend this way makes them get a notification of your message on their phones, even in a group chat that they’ve muted. It’s similar to Facebook and in chatrooms like Slack’s approach, where typing @ and the friend’s name brings up a list of

Researchers may have found a cancer cells off switch

Cancer Cells off switch – Aside from their abnormal growth rates, cancerous cells aren’t that much different from normal healthy tissue. That’s why radiation and chemo treatments can’t effectively target just tumors. However, a team of researchers from the Mayo Clinic believe they’ve discovered a mechanism that can rein in cancer’s uninhibited growth by retraining these wayward cells to die like they’re supposed to. See, when cells get old and prepare to die, they’re supposed to

Intel chips to help pinpoint cause of bee colonies’ deaths

Intel Chips – Researchers from Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) want to pinpoint the factors that lead to the mass death of honey bees everywhere, in what’s being called as colony collapse disorder. In order to do so, it teamed up with Intel earlier this year to outfit healthy bees with a “backpack” that’s a third of their weight. That backpack is actually Intel’s Edison wearables computing platform, comprised of an Atom

Spam King guilty of posting 27 million Facebook messages

Spam King Guilty – One of the web’s all-time notorious spammers is facing jail after pleading guilty to sending 27 million unwanted messages to Facebook users. Sanford Wallace, aka “the Spam King,” aka “Spamford Wallace,” admitted that he unlawfully accessed over 500,000 accounts on the network between 2008-9 in violation of a court order. This is far from his first rodeo — Sanford was annoying consumers well before the internet came along, when he sent junk

Stretchy wearable sensors can tell when you’re about to get sunburnt

Wearable Sensors – A device the size of a nicotine patch could soon tell when you’ve spent too long exposed to the sun and need to take a break. Researchers at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Australia have created wearable stretchable sensors that could be worn on the skin, capable of detecting ultraviolet (UV) radiation and dangerous gases. The team have shown they can take an ordinary material such as zinc oxide